HKC SecureComm Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know


The HKC App delivers remote connectivity to HKC intruder alarm systems. Available in Apple, Android and Microsoft operating platforms users can remotely set, unset, check status, interrogate...

HKC SecureComm App Demo

Quick demo and outline of the functions available on the HKC SecureComm App. You must have a HKC SecureWave Control Panel with the correct GSM unit and have signed up for the service via your...

Deady Security HKC App

Deady Security brings you this fantastic app for your intruder alarm from HKC , take a look in the video at all the features and advantages of having it. Contact Deady Security on 0214375634...

HKC Video

Video of HKC's customer support, product development and manufacturing.

HKC Smartphone App

Rough Video of the soon to launch HKC smartphone App showing, arming, log view virtual keypad etc. Ill do a better one once i have it in my ands.

How to enroll your HKC Smart Keys

How to enroll HKC Smart Keys or as they are also known "proximity tags"

HKC Smartlink 700

WebWayOne -HKC SecureWave Integration

This video describes how to connect your WebWay communicator to a HKC SecureWave alarm panel's TTL Data bus.This enables remote service/UDL over IP without call charges and the transmission...

HKC Google play setup - Part 2

Installing google play apk will crash just few seconds after installation. Installing youtube apk crash as well. Seller clearly is not telling the truth. youtube and google play are very important...

Hkc 1070 reset mains fail user alert

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

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